Are you in search of a purchasing agent because, as expats, you’re looking to settle in the Purmerend or Hoorn region? Van Overbeek Realtors is here to assist you in finding your ideal home (for you and your family).

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Whether you’re searching for a modern furnished apartment in the city center or a spacious family home near major highways, we have access to properties that meet your criteria.

Benefit as expats from a local realtor Van Overbeek Realtors has been specializing in the Purmerend and Hoorn region for over 50 years. We assist in the buying and selling of properties in the Purmerend and Hoorn areas. With our extensive network and regional expertise, we’re able to find the perfect home for you. As expats, you might not always have the opportunity to view properties in person beforehand. It’s reassuring to rely on a realtor with comprehensive local knowledge.

Purmerend and Hoorn, an ideal destination for expats and are excellent cities to reside in as expats. They are close to the randstad and have good connections to highways. All necessary amenities are within reach, as well as a wide range of entertainment options. Moreover, nature is never far away: open water and polders are just around the corner.

Why choose Van Overbeek Makelaars

As expats, you want a hassle-free experience. You’re seeking a purchasing agent who understands your needs and requirements, negotiates effectively, secures favorable terms, and guides you through the entire process. In short, a realtor that Van Overbeek is good at. That’s us.

What you can expect from us:

Specialization in the local housing market of the Purmerend and Hoorn regions and surroundingsQuick and flexible serviceNo cure, no pay

Expat mortgage solutions in The Netherlands

Considering purchasing property in The Netherlands? It’s crucial to explore your options for expat mortgages and identify the one that best suits your requirements. At De Hypotheekshop, we specialize in providing tailored solutions for expats, ensuring a seamless process for obtaining your mortgage in The Netherlands.

Understanding Expat Mortgages as an expat, seeking professional guidance is highly recommended. Not only are there additional conditions associated with expat mortgages, but not all lenders are open to expat applications. Finding the right mortgage tailored to your needs as an expat can be challenging, but with our assistance, we can simplify the process and help you secure a suitable mortgage solution.

While expat mortgages operate similarly to mortgages for citizens, they typically entail more detailed conditions. You’ll need to furnish the mortgage lender with comprehensive information regarding your income, debts, desired property, employment agreement, and more. Although this process aligns with typical mortgage procedures in The Netherlands, as an expat, it may require extra attention.

Key conditions for Expat mortgages in The Netherlands navigating the conditions for expat mortgages can be daunting, given their complexity compared to standard mortgages.

The three primary conditions most mortgage lenders impose on expats include:

Residency Requirement: Typically, expats must have worked and resided in The Netherlands for a minimum of six months. Some lenders may stipulate a longer duration, but six months is the standard minimum. Documentation proving your residency is essential during the application process.Citizenship or Residence Permit: Expats must either hold EU citizenship, be from Liechtenstein, Norway, or Iceland, or possess a non-temporary residence permit.Dutch Bank Account: You'll need a Dutch bank account to manage your expat mortgage payments. This account serves as the financial hub for your mortgage transactions.

Just good advice

It’s worth noting that some mortgage providers cap expat mortgages at 90% of the property’s value, whereas Dutch citizens may secure mortgages covering 100% of the property value. Seeking professional advice can help identify the optimal mortgage solution to finance your dream property affordably.

Independent Expat mortgage advice at De Hypotheekshop, we prioritize providing impartial advice to all clients, including expats. Our advisors deliver fully independent guidance, meticulously comparing mortgages, interest rates, and conditions from various providers. This approach ensures you secure the most favorable deal on the market, backed by trustworthy, professional, and reliable service.

How we assist expats

De Hypotheekshop specializes in sourcing expat mortgages with manageable monthly payments and favorable terms. Our personalized advice caters to your unique circumstances, aligning with your financial objectives and future plans. With our guidance, you’ll navigate every stage of the mortgage process seamlessly. Feel free to make an appointment. We are happy to help you.

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