Are you buying a house?

Then a real estate agent is worth their weight in gold. After all, buying a house isn’t something you do every day. Our real estate agents can help you with that; buying and selling houses is our profession. With an NVM Van Overbeek real estate agent you’re immediately one step ahead. Because we know the housing market,we look at the pros and cons of a property with a critical eye, and we negotiate on your behalf for a competitive price. That’s what makes buying a house really enjoyable!

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Every mortgage advice is different. Are you buying a house for the first time, or are you moving up in the housing market? And there are more factors at play. De Hypotheekshop advises in every situation.

Stay or move?

Is this a question that keeps lingering in your mind? Then schedule a relocation advisory session. During this free and non-binding conversation we’ll tell you everything about the current housing market. Because there’s quite a lot to consider. House prices are high but interest rates are low again. What are your chances in the housing market and how can you increase your chances? All questions we’ll answer during the conversation so that you can enter the housing market well informed.

Real estate agent represents your interests!

Have you set your sights on a property? Then enlist an NVM Van Overbeek Real Estate Agent to support you. With branches in Purmerend, Edam-Volendam, Hoorn, and West-Friesland. We know the regional housing market very well. We’ll advise you optimally on a realistic bid, conditions and any pitfalls. Of course we also pay attention to the structural aspects of the property; we’ll help you look at your dream home with a critical eye. This way you can be sure that your real estate agent is perfectly representing your interests. Because as a real estate agent we’re here for you!

What’s for sale?

Are you exploring the housing market? Do you want to buy a house in North Holland? Then provide us with your housing preferences through a housing profile and always receive the latest property listings in your email. You’ll receive listings that meet your criteria. This way you’ll be the first to know.

Do you already know what you can borrow?

Every mortgage advice is different. Are you buying a house for the first time, or are you moving up in the housing market? And there are more factors at play. Van Overbeek Real Estate Agents collaborate with De Hypotheekshop. There’s always a Hypotheekshop near you. De Hypotheekshop advises in every situation and is, of course, independent and always looking for the best option for you.

Want to know what you can borrow? Then use our handy tool and schedule an appointment with a mortgage advisor afterward. The first consultation is always free.

Buying a house? Bring a real estate agent!

A real estate agent who helps you buy a house in the region: then it’s handy if they also know the neighborhood well. With four branches in North Holland – Purmerend, Hoorn, Edam-Volendam, and West-Friesland – we’re well acquainted with the region and aware of the market value of local property listings. Do you want to buy a house? Then come by for a (non-binding) chat – you’ll definitely gain some insight!

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Bereken vrijblijvend je maximale hypotheek en ontdek of jij deze woning kunt betalen.

Bereken wat je kunt lenen

The key benefits listed:

We are not emotionally involved - that's pure profit!You are guaranteed to get a better purchase result.We always strive for success: no cure, no pay.We safeguard you from (legal) pitfalls and risks.

What to expect from a real estate agent:

A professional advisor who solely represents your interests.Guidance throughout the entire purchasing process, including scrutiny of the purchase agreement.Provides advice on the neighborhood, structural condition, and sustainability of the property.Assistance during the final inspection before key handover.Our real estate agent knows exactly what the market value of the property is.Negotiates the price and conditions always in consultation with you.

Curious about our approach?

Are you buying a house? One of our real estate agents would be happy to tell you how we can assist you with that. Fill out the form, and we’ll quickly schedule an appointment with you.

Benefit from an advisory session

What to look for during a viewing?What pitfalls can you expect?How do you know if the asking price is reasonable?What do you do after signing the purchase agreement?

Would you like to schedule a moving consultation?

Our real estate agents are happy to explain to you what is involved when buying a house. The moving consultation is completely free and without obligations. We will talk to you all about it in an hour.

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