Selling Your House?

Are you selling your house? Of course, you want the best price. What are the key success factors? How do you sell your house well? What are the main do’s and don’ts when selling your house? At Van Overbeek Real Estate Agents, we know exactly what to look out for. After all, selling your house is our profession. We know what buyers are looking for. This way, we can market your house perfectly!

Free Valuation of your property

Want to know what selling your house will yield you? Let one of our real estate agents do a valuation without obligation. We know the market and know what your house is worth and why. With our valuation, you know where you stand. Selling your house successfully?

Successful Approach to Selling Your House

Selling your house starts with a thorough valuation. This gives you a realistic estimate of the price you can get for your property. We then together devise a sales plan and also provide you with sales guarantee. Of course, we also have professional photos taken of your tidy and furnished home. We present your house directly to buyers in our database and on Funda (a Dutch real estate website). As a selling agent, we exclusively represent your interests: selling your house for the best price is our priority.

We often already know the buyer

Through our housing wish system, home seekers register with us. This way, we know exactly what they are looking for. If your property meets the requirements of the home seeker, they will receive an email even before it is listed on Funda. Of course, we also speak to many people during a viewing, so we know exactly what they are looking for. A match is then quickly made. So there’s a good chance we already know the buyer of your property.

The Benefits Summarized

We sell your house for the highest yield. We provide you with sales guarantee and map out the way to it. We also actively search for suitable buyers in our database. You have one real estate agent and therefore one fixed point of contact.

Optimal Presentation of Your Home

We sell your house for the highest yield. Buyers can also view your home virtually. Your home is also listed for sale on social media You can participate in the Open House Events.

Would you like to benefit from our successful approach?

Selling your home with a Van Overbeek real estate agent guarantees success. We know the market, understand what homebuyers are looking for, and get to work for you immediately. Selling your home with Van Overbeek means aiming for the highest return: we offer sales guarantees and create a sales plan. Through our branches in Purmerend, Hoorn, Edam-Volendam, and West-Friesland, we reach many home seekers in North Holland. Curious about how we successfully sell your home? Visit one of our branches or call to make an appointment.

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Bereken vrijblijvend je maximale hypotheek en ontdek of jij deze woning kunt betalen.

Bereken wat je kunt lenen

Free Valuation of your property

Ready to work with a selling agent? Choose a real estate agent who takes care of you during the sale of your home. And one who also aims for the highest return and guarantees success.